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Enhance Your Enterprise Training with Video+, a YouTube-like Video Learning Platform with Security and Analytics

Simplify your enterprise learning experience by securely delivering videos and all content types with channels, learning paths, social interaction, and user engagement analytics. Common customer use cases for Video+ include Onboarding, Sales Training, Offboarding, Partner Enablement, Customer Training, and E-commerce.

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Benefits of Video+ for Corporate Training and Learning

secure content management and delivery of all your enterprise videos and documents
Enterprise Content Security
Control who can view, share, or download content, and protect sensitive IP with dynamic watermarking
branded and customizable video learning platform
Branded & Customizable UI
Apply a custom template and viewer for a consistent experience across video, the Web and all content
help global employees interact with content, optimized for mobile and localized by learning style and language
Global & Mobile Learning Experience
Enable learners to better engage with your videos with global and mobile access, localization, curation, and micro-learning
integrated solution for your LMS and CMS
Seamless LMS Integration
Fully integrate with your existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), storage solutions, and content management systems

quickly and easily search your video library in the Content Raven video learning platform with search filters, tags, and metadata
Rapid Search
User friendly content classification with tags and filters makes searching for content fast and easy
track interaction and engagement with content like documents and videos
Advanced Learning Analytics
Track user access time, access duration, and rating and feedback to understand which videos and other content are most effective

Enhance your enterprise learning with Video+

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