Cost of Poor findability costs enterprises an average of US $300m+/year.

Don’t let your marketing content go to waste. Research shows most organizations’ sales reps only use 10 percent of their marketing content because of poorly managed content systems. Make your sales content easy to find with Content Raven’s sales enablement solution. By using our solution, marketing can optimize the content based on usage and sales can find content by easily searching for the content.

Sales reps learn best on the job. When they get out of the classroom and into the field, they need the appropriate sales training content that will help them with the next meeting, sales challenge, or competitor.

Content Raven’s sales enablement solution securely delivers content to internal and external sales reps and makes it easy for them to find. Now they can focus on closing the next deal.

Marketing content that gets used more than 5 times

Companies that have 5+ file storage repositories

Amount of enterprise content created by sales

Amount of marketing content that goes unused

The state of Sales Enablement Report
February 2016


Sales Engineers (SEs) average 18.8 hours per week searching for answers, creating these business problems:


With 6000 SEs the cost of search is
$375M per year.

Content Duplication

When SEs can not find content, they
replicate it, adding to content growth
and degrading search results.



Benefits for Sales Enablement and Training

Deliver timely, situational, and personalized content to enable your sales team to
close more deals. Maintain all sales enablement materials in a single unified platform

and gain a clear understanding of ROI from all of your marketing-created sales assets.


Deliver content to internal and external sales reps when it is most needed (e.g., at a coffee shop before an important sales call)


Provide the right content based on the sales situation, including geography, product, pricing, differentiators, and competitors


Optimize sales enablement and training by providing the right content based on a sales rep’s preferred method of learning

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