Cloud-Based Content Distribution System

A well-managed content delivery platform can provide a business with a number of key benefits when it comes to handling digital assets. It gives employees and applicants a convenient way to access training and testing materials. It can also be configured to serve as a customer-facing gateway where subscribers can view and interact with videos, documents, and other digital materials.

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When properly designed and maintained, a content management system (CMS)—as these types of platforms are generally termed—can be a powerful solution for the delivery of digital assets. In practice, however, many such systems are poorly managed and ineffectual. To address this common problem, Content Raven has developed intelligent content solutions that are secure, flexible, easy to use, and highly effective at distributing materials to the right users.

The Problem with Conventional CMS & LMS Systems

Many organizations have a huge amount of digital materials that must somehow be delivered or made available to employees, partners, and/or customers. These can include instructional videos, training manuals, and related resources.

The proper management of these materials is a thorny issue for a lot of companies. As the corporate sector gradually moved into the Internet era and away from outdated accessories like paper documents, file cabinets, and copy machines, it came to depend on content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS) to aid in the distribution of materials that increasingly tended to exist in digital form.

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Unfortunately, these content distribution solutions often fail to address certain key problems. Often, they cannot adequately manage multiple types of media (e.g., PDF files, video clips, etc.). They may lack security tools that prohibit the unauthorized use of proprietary information. They may not be easily searchable, resulting in wasted time and confusion. They also frequently lack the means to track who has accessed the assets in question. Content Raven’s SaaS / cloud-based information management system has been specially engineered to grant organizations the apparatus they need to avoid these common pitfalls.

The Content Raven Advantage

Content Raven’s cloud platform is powerfully effective as a digital asset management system. It comes with a variety of time- and labor-saving features, including these:

  • Cloud storage. Digital assets are deposited in a secure cloud environment rather than a lone hard drive. This prevents the possibility of data loss from a crashed drive; in addition, it enables easy access to materials from any Internet-connected device.
  • Secure content distribution. Your proprietary materials are protected by end-to-end data security, so only those with proper user permissions will be able to view the data.
  • Centralized repository. Everything is kept properly organized in one location for optimum organizational efficiency. All file types can be accommodated.
  • Organizing and searching options. Meta-tags and keywords help bring together disparate pieces of content, even those from different sources, and allow the user to scan through huge amounts of data with ease. It’s what we call “Learning at the Speed of Search”™.
  • Analytics. Track user data accurately so you always know who has accessed digital materials at what times and at which locations.
  • Multi-language support.

Content Raven’s information and document management system is the ideal platform for companies seeking to boost productivity and efficiency by optimizing their onboarding, customer training, and sales/partner enablement processes. It also integrates well with existing CMS and LMS systems.

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