Do more than enable your sales reps, empower them!

Provide all the tools needed for your reps to be productive faster!

Learning Paths

  • Quickly create highly customizable Learning Paths
  • Measure each reps progress
  • Suggest new Learning Paths as a remedial measure based on the performance
  • Easily set quizzes and certificates of completion based on individual Learning Paths

Create learning path



  • Easily set up a customized, intuitive template
  • Use a unique concept of packages, you can simplify the access and provide relevant content based on sales roles
  • Rapid Search allows the reps to get access to just-in-time content they need

Video based coaching:

  • Allow your reps to learn from the best
  • Close the gap between top reps and rest of your team
  • Custom rubrics allow you to set measurement criteria based on your reps role
  • ML/AI based assignment of managers/peers allows you to dynamically assign managers and peers to each assignment

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  • Reduce your sales ramp up resulting in more revenue
  • Build a culture of coaching that keeps the reps motivated and learn from the best
  • Provide personalized access to the content based on roles of reps
  • Make your reps knowledgeable in the product offering and keep them up to date on new product offerings
  • Reduce your administration time by maintaining one copy of the content and deploying them through multiple channels
  • Go global. Support global sales team
  • Best in class “Customer Success” team dedicated to your success
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