Generate More Revenue By Ramping Up Reps Faster

Sales on-boarding can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Learn more on how Content Raven’s features will help get your reps productive faster!

Centralized Platform

  • Re-purpose existing content for faster deployment
  • Provide personalized content specific to the reps role, geo and specific vertical
  • Maintain a single source of truth. By maintaining a single version of the content that can be deployed using multiple channels, reps will be up to date with the most updated content
  • Bring in your “top sales reps” to coach the new reps, enabling them to learn from the best!
  • Better coordination with your Marketing and Learning Department to provide relevant content that can be beneficial to sales reps

Learning Paths:

  • Quickly create highly customizable Learning Paths
  • Measure each reps progress
  • Suggest new Learning Paths as a remedial measure based on their performance
  • Easily set quizzes and certificates of completion based on individual Learning Paths


  • Keep your reps engaged by maintaining a leaderboard
  • Encourage continuous learning by providing points/badges for their accomplishments
  • Easily configurable leaderboards based on the activities performed your reps
  • Individual scorecards for your reps to keep them motivated

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Video-Based Coaching/Assessment:

  • Provide an opportunity for your reps to learn from the best
  • Close the gap between top reps and the rest of your team
  • Custom rubrics allow you to set measurement criteria based on your reps role
  • ML/AI based assignment of managers/peers allows you to dynamically assign managers/peers to each assignment


  • Easily set up a customized, intuitive template
  • Using a unique concept of packages, you can simplify access and provide relevant content based on sales roles
  • Rapid Search allows reps to get just-in-time access to content


  • Reduce your sales ramp up, resulting in more revenue
  • Build a culture of coaching that keeps the reps motivated and learn from the best
  • Provide personalized access to the content based on roles of your reps
  • Make your reps knowledgeable in the product offerings and keep them up to date on the new product offerings
  • Reduce your administration time by maintaining one copy of the content and deploying them through multiple channels
  • Go global. Support global sales team
  • Best in class “Customer Success” team dedicated to your success

Onboard. Train. Coach in a Single Platform

Consumer-Grade UX

Provide your admins and end users with a sleek and modern user experience complete with custom branding,user and group-level personalization and flexible content deployment options.


Generate net new revenue from your content with our built-in eCommerce engine. Provide multiple subscription levels and enable demo access to promote upsell opportunities.

Flexible Content Deployment

Organize and repurpose your content. Create Channels for browsing and Learning Paths for structured, curated sequences of content with the option to award certificates of completion.

Mobile and Offline Access

Users can easily and securely consume their content on iOS and Android mobile devices, with the option for offline viewing. Custom branding available.

Advanced Learning Analytics

Our advanced business intelligence dashboard enables you to measure learner engagement and produce the data necessary to report on the effectiveness and ROI of your training program.

Enterprise Content Security

Security is the foundation of our platform. Protect your intellectual property with dynamic watermarking and access control features like restrictions on printing, downloading, and sharing content.

Single-Source Content Repository

Store and manage all of your organization’s content in our content repository and share it with a single click. Update your content once, and it will be automatically published to all users.


Through a simple question and answer format, you can motivate and challenge your users by incorporating knowledge checks throughout their learning experience.


A robust, interactive tool which enables you to quickly and effectively assess the skills and performance of your users via live video recording and optional peer review.

Universal Content Viewer

Users will access all available content in a single viewer experience, regardless of format. We happily support all content types.

Advanced Search

User-friendly content classification with tags and filters makes searching for content fast and easy. Users will spend less time searching for the content they need, and more time consuming it.


We play well with others! We can integrate with your LMS, intranet, eCommerce engine and other third party systems via our APIs, webhooks, and SAML/SSO.

Expand Your Platform Use Case With Integrations


Content Raven is integrated with Salesforce. The add-on to Salesforce can be easily deployed to the Salesforce instance through Salesforce app exchange. Content Raven can also push data from our platform to Salesforce to build custom reports.

PowerBI and Other Data Visualization Tools

The Content Raven platform uses PowerBI for data visualization. The BI dashboard is part of the offering. The data can also be pushed to any other data visualization tool like Tableau, to enable enterprises to build actionable BI from varied data-sets.

Single Sign-on

Content Raven is configured to integrate with industry leading identity providers – OKTA, PING, Forgerock, Gigya and supports SAML as well as oAuth.

Custom API

The Content Raven platform has built a robust set of REST API that will enable other systems to easily integrate and deploy our platform.

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