A Learning Experience Platform To Power All of Your Enterprise Content Initatives

Every department has a directive to create and distribute content that drives business results. Only Content Raven has an enterprise ready system to enable that content to do its job.

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Global, mobile

Your workforce, customers and business partners can be anywhere and on any device.

Content Raven is a global, secure content distribution platform built for enterprise sales training, customer education, and partner enablement
  • Secure content delivery to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more
  • Localized platform in 8 languages, so you can communicate with your global team, audience, and partners
  • Offer connected and offline states with the same level of permissions
  • Global infrastructure to ensure reliable, secure streaming anywhere to any device


Content Raven’s Enterprise Learning Experience Platform is more than just a content delivery platform.

Enterprise grade modules incorporate live self-paced lab environments, just in time, situation based learning for sales and a video management system to stream and enable self curation of video for global workforce training.  One platform to train global sales forces and to train customers on how to use the solutions that they have invested in.

Content Raven has a single platform to empower global sales and customer training via its secure video and document distribution, self-paced labs, and sales enablement solutions

Cost effective

Sales reps do not want to travel to Instructor led training in remote locations. People want to learn where they want, when they want.

Content Raven enables self paced training, just in time training and training the way sales professionals and customers require. Cut cost, generate revenue and deliver training the way people want to consume it.


Content Raven saves enterprise companies millions on print costs associated with learning and trainingBETTER ECONOMICS
A cost-effective way to deliver all forms of digital content



Content Raven's secure content distribution platform allows admins to restrict printing and downloading of all business documentsACCESS CONTROL
Document-level permissions for print, download and sharing.



Content Raven's advanced user engagement analytics allow corporate training leaders to understand how employees and partners are engaging with their contentENGAGEMENT ANALYTICS
Data about who used what content, when, and for how long, allows you to communicate properly with constituents



Prevent data leaks and unauthorized sharing of content with Content Raven's dynamic watermarking, made both for secure video and document deliveryDYNAMIC WATERMARKING
An audit path in case sensitive data gets leaked.



Content Raven’s engagement analytics tells you how interested and active your recipients are.

Understand how end users access content - time spent, pages viewed, and more
  • Track time spent on each page of a document or video by each recipient
  • Get real-time alerts when someone is looking at your content
  • Learn which content grabs attention and which does not
  • See “read” and “pass along” rates that tell you who shared your content and how many times it was read, printed or downloaded
  • Know who is most engaged with your content and when the best time is to reach out to them
  • Use view time analytics to create more relevant content
  • Determine what content resonates and what content does not


Learning & Development, Marketing, Sales, R&D. All of these departments have developed content assets to help them deliver on their goals.

Content Raven is a Secure Content Distribution and Learning Experience Platform Built for the Enterprise

Seamlessly incorporate this content with existing workflows and tracking with Content Raven’s Enterprise Learning Experience Platform

  • Upload existing assets. No need to reformat or redesign anything.
  • API integration with any major corporate systems
  • Professional services to build custom workflows
  • Format-agnostic delivery systems
  • Single sign on, no additional systems

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