Expand Your Platform Use Case With Integrations


Content Raven is integrated with Salesforce. The add-on to Salesforce can be easily deployed to the Salesforce instance through Salesforce app exchange. Content Raven can also push data from our platform to Salesforce to build custom reports.

PowerBI and Other Data Visualization Tools

The Content Raven platform uses PowerBI for data visualization. The BI dashboard is part of the offering. The data can also be pushed to any other data visualization tool like Tableau, to enable enterprises to build actionable BI from varied data-sets.

Single Sign-on

Content Raven is configured to integrate with industry leading identity providers – OKTA, PING, Forgerock, Gigya and supports SAML as well as oAuth.

Custom API

The Content Raven platform has built a robust set of REST API that will enable other systems to easily integrate and deploy our platform.

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