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What is Content Raven?

Content Raven is an award-winning, Enterprise Learning Experience Platform. Our customizable, user-friendly interface helps learning leaders easily and securely deliver videos and all other file types for both internal and external training initiatives, including: Customer Education, Sales Enablement, Enterprise “YouTube”, and Secure Digital Content Distribution.

Read our customer case studies to learn more about how large enterprise companies use Content Raven.

Is Content Raven an LMS?

Content Raven is not an LMS, but rather an all-in one digital learning platform which enables and enhances a company’s global digital learning implementation for all content types, and provides the more important features of an LMS for digital applications. Content Raven is SCORM and xAPI compatible and our customers leverage our advanced analytics to pass back metrics to corporate LMS solutions.

Our customers find that their LMS solutions do not meet their needs in areas such as Customer Education and Sales Enablement. Their rigid LMS has typically been developed for corporate learning administration of Instructor-Led Training (ILT) businesses. In contrast, Content Raven was built for the internal and external digital learning user experience. Content Raven’s SaaS platform has advanced features such as: Personalization, Self-Paced Labs, Advanced Rapid Search, Dynamic UI Templates, Video/Course/Training Path User Curation, Channel Segmentation, Enterprise-Grade Content Security, and Advanced Analytics.

When implementing Digital Learning, Content Raven customers typically find that they do not need an LMS. This approach streamlines the user experience, reduces the complexity of managing overly complicated learning technologies, and saves investment dollars for training organizations.

To learn more about how we compare with and complement LMS solutions, check out our Content Raven vs LMS handout.

Why is content security so important?

Your training content is your intellectual property. When that content is shared, particularly with people outside of your organization, it can easily end up in the wrong hands. With real money on the line, businesses are taking stricter measures to safeguard their content, including restricting permissions to print and download and implementing dynamic watermarks, two benefits native to the Content Raven platform.

We don’t use video for training, why should we?

Video can be used across all organizations as the most globally scalable, effective, engaging and efficient means of training and communication. Download our latest eBook to learn proven ways of using video to enhance enterprise learning and communication

Learn more about Content Raven’s Video+ offering, a Business YouTube-like platform with enterprise security and advanced analytics.

What file formats can you handle?

Our secure HTML5 viewer is capable of handling all major file types – videos, documents, PDFs, PowerPoint, Articulate, and more. We’re yet to meet a piece of content that we haven’t been able to support!

What devices does Content Raven run on?

Content Raven is device agnostic and provides the same user experience on PC, Mac, Linux, or iOS/Android mobile devices.

Have you handled global operations before?

Yes. Most of our customers are large enterprise companies with employees and partners around the globe. 

What kind of support can I expect?

Our support team is one of the biggest reasons our customers love us. Hear what L&D professionals from other companies are saying about their positive enterprise learning experience with Content Raven.

What is the cost of your service?

Depending on your corporate training content needs, we offer three different pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Contact us at sales@contentraven.com for more details.

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