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Distribute, Manage, Track and Analyze Distribute, Manage, Track and Analyze

Globally distribute content to any device, from any file sharing solution and Salesforce with Content Raven. And that is just the basics; with Content Raven you can also track delivery and usage, analyze performance, and reduce costs.

How does it work?

Distribute files within Content Raven’s cloud-based portal (can be white labeled), with our APIs to an existing system, or via only file sharing solutions like Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox and GDrive.

  • In-depth Analytics. Track if and when a file is accessed, for how long, what parts were of most interest to the receiver, and many more metrics.
  • White labeled solution. Brand the portal and distribution platform with your logo.
  • Secure Video Streaming.Content is streamed so nothing resides on the device, stopping data leaks and unauthorized sharing.
  • Easy integration. API solution complements existing workflows to secure transfer, viewing and tracking of files.
  • Access Options. Set for how long recipients have access. On-demand remote wipe. Set printing and sharing options.
  • Dynamic Watermarking. On any File Type. Videos, spreadsheets, images, Word docs and more. Watermarks identify the recipient.
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