Onboard Sales Reps Faster &
Create a Culture of Coaching

Single Platform to provide the right training, content and messaging
for complex product sales for reps & partners

  • Mondelez
  • Aktana
  • EMC
  • GE
  • Juniper
  • Pearson
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • WMware
  • RSA
  • Franklin Covey
  • Google
  • Genesis
  • Reynolds

Onboard Reps faster and generate more revenue

Content Raven provides a single platform to onboard, train, assess and coach

Close the gap between top reps and the rest of your team

See how our platform can reduce reps ramp up time and increase revenue

Onboard Reps Faster

With unique combination of training and coaching, sales reps are up to speed faster, resulting in faster time to closed deals and more revenue. Just in time access to relevant content!

Build a Coaching Culture

Everybody needs a coach. Allowing sales managers to quickly and effectively assess their team’s skills and performance will lead to well-defined coaching plans and actionable feedback for your reps.

Improve Performance

Effective sales onboarding and coaching programs are proven to result in significant, measurable performance improvements, including reduced sales cycles and increased revenue per rep.

Customer Case Studies


Maximized prospect management with just in time content

Annual Revenue: $6 Billion
Number of Employees: 30,000

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Securely Delivering Training Materials to 45,000 Global Sales Reps

Annual Revenue: $30 Billion
Number of Employees: 100,000

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Self-paced Learning Results in 70% Cost Savings

Annual Revenue: $25 Billion
Number of Employees: 70,000

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Informed Customers led to increased revenue and engagement

Annual Revenue: $6 Billion
Number of Employees: 20,000

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Juniper Networks Deploys Next-Generation Customer Training and Certication Prep with Content Raven’s eLearning Marketplace

Annual Revenue: $5.03 Billion
Number of Employees: 9,800

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Why customers love us

  • Content Raven is a true partner – very responsive, receptive to collaboration and any ideas to make the user experience better. Their commitment to customer service is outstanding!


    EMC (Now Dell EMC), A Fortune 500 Company

  • We use Content Raven to share documents with clients and prospects. We know we can do this in a secure way and monitor the access and review the performance by the recipients. The product is easy to use and gives us confidence we are protecting content we have made a significant investment in producing.

    Foresight Group International AG

    Foresight Group International AG

  • We have been using Content Raven for a little over 2 years now, and it’s working great for us to share learning with our global sales partners.

    Mondelez Intl., A Fortune 100 Company

    Mondelez Intl., A Fortune 100 Company

  • The team at Content Raven has been incredibly helpful and very responsive regarding our company’s needs and suggestions.

    Pivotal Software, Inc.

    Pivotal Software, Inc.

  • We needed a secure way to share files with our clients and Content Raven provided us exactly what we were looking for. Great services and quality support team.

    Trimble Solutions

    Trimble Solutions

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